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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fabric Bowl

I've been fascinated with the fabric bowls I've seen...The book is expensive and I was putting it off until after Christmas because I had a million other things to do. Then EP made me look through the craft section of the McCalls pattern book (looking for bags I think) and I found a pattern for the bowls. Since Joann was having a "all McCalls patterns $1", I bought it but promised not to look at it until after Christmas. So I dragged it out yesterday, grabbed supplies at Joann and made a bowl.

It's much easier that I was picturing, at least the way the pattern does it. I need to get the stiches closer together especially on the rim. The pattern I have just uses a circle with darts cut out. Specifically you take either a stiff interfacing and two pieces of double sided fuse (one for each side of the interfacing) or you buy magic interfacing at Joann that already has fusible stuff on both sides. Cut the interfacing into a circle, grab two pieces of fabric that you like, fuse away, trim the edges, cut darts and sew them up. Easy-peasy. Now if only I can get the stitching even.

This one is about a 9inch diameter circle (to start with) and fairly shallow, so I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for.


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