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Friday, March 24, 2006


Last night my computer was being used to play video games. I tried taking photos of some earrings but the same angle I used for necklaces makes them look really funny. It's an angle which shows off the bottom of the earrings, which most people won't see unless they've got their head on your shoulder. So no website update, instead I got some sewing done. I'm making the photos tiny since there are so many of them; click for a larger version.

Bag #1, Integrated Handles: This bag took quite a while, part of that just figuring out how to sew it without ending up with the seams on the outside. Next time I'm going to leave a little more space above the handle to hold on to. Maybe change the whole layout, I'm not sure I like quite how long it is (compared to how tall). Also I'm going to sew the lining to the outside while they're still inside out (at least part of the way around, I can't do it over the handles because the fabric is too bulky) because the folding over and pinning step was a pain in the behind.

Bag #2: This one is big enough for a paperback as well (see a theme?). The flat bottom is about 8.5x5 inches. I love the orange fabric, it's really bright. The big issue here was the handles. I cut strips 1.5 inches wide, sewed them right sides together with a .25 seam allowance, and spent 25 minutes turning them right side out. Next time I'm either going with a one-fabric-folded-over handle, or I'm making them wider. Too bad I cut out the parts for two more bags already. The other two are pale green with pink flowers on the outside and pale pink inside, and bright green with watermelon slices and hot pink inside. I mean really hot, burn yourself hot pink. It's hard to even look at. At least now I know how long I want the handles and can cut them short before sewing and turning.

Bag #3 is just a zippered pouch. Now that I've figured out the zipper issue, I think I can add them to anything (you should have seen the first pouch!) It matches the lining fabric for the first bag, and its lining is pale lavender butterflies. I've got more fabric ironed and draped over things in the house waiting to be turned into bags and pouches.

These are going to a show on Apr 1 (see sidebar and website for more info), and then they'll probably be on the website soon after if they don't all go. There are fabric/ribbon belts as well...stay tuned.


At 12:43 PM, Blogger EK said...

BOOKS!! Yes, it is MOST important that all bags within my domain be able to accomodate one or more paperbacks. waves imperial scepter around


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