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Saturday, April 15, 2006


So I needed some black mat board. Off I go to Beans. I get a parking space at 9:46 and put enough change into the meter for 25 minutes (in case Bean's doesn't open until 10). Walk to Beans. Doesn't open until 10. Wander around for a bit, read the real estate ads, feel hopeful about selling my house this summer, buy crullers at Lou's, think "why don't I come to Hanover more often?"

It's a few minutes past ten. Back to Beans. Still not open. So I walk over to Duke's, which is always my second choice. The Hanover Duke's is just a gallery and frame shop now, and they've moved all their art supplies to ... Lebanon. Walk back to Beans, they're open. Buy black mat board. Get back to the car at 10:15 (four minutes past when the meter expires, for those of you keeping track).

Parking ticket.


At 2:06 PM, Blogger EP said...

Shocking. Really. It's HANOVER.


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