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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And now for something completely different...bags.

I am admitting (temporary) defeat on the red bag. It is going to work, just not tonight. It is red with black lining and styled like the tan one with the cutout handles. However the fab red fabric has a serious nap, and will migrate (in one direction only!) if you look at it funny. I ended up having to sew it with tracing paper between it and the lining fabric. The tracing paper separates easily along the sewing lines and pulls out after the seam is done. And last but not least, the iron-on interfacing (the red fabric is thick but floppy) is no longer staying stuck. So I'm leaving it for tomorrow.

Tonight's succesful bags:

A light blue version of the upholstry remnant one below (and much larger) with a tiny pocket inside:

And a light green/light pink version of the watermelon purse below.

There are lots of things I seem to need to try before I really get them. I've mastered pockets today (um, easy) and I think tomorrow (after I conquer the red bag) I'm going to try for zippered pockets. Wish me luck with both.


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