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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Crafting in a small apartment, part 1

Necessary items for crafting/metalworking in a small apartment:
  • Craft closet - you'll need a place to stash all of the crafting supplies with which you will make wonderful things. Make sure it's large enough to accommodate the results of your semi-delusional shopping trips where you tell yourself "I can make that!"
  • Plastic lap desk - who needs a jeweler's bench, or even a worktable?? The ones with the beanbag/polyfill on the bottom are great. Get one that's small enough that you can hang your sheet metal off the side when you're sawing.
  • Damp paper towel(s) - they make a great substitute for a concrete floor. Instead of sweeping up the metal dust, you fold 'em up, give the plastic lap desk a swipe, and toss 'em in the trash.
  • Understanding neighbors/no neighbors at all/neighbors you can blackmail - the hammering and the high pitched whine of the rotary tool can bring out the crazy in people unless you a) have no neighbors, b) your neighbors are rarely home, c) your neighbors are deaf, or d) your neighbors have a hobby that's just as loud - say, for example, inviting their tone-deaf friends over for some country karaoke.

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