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Friday, March 24, 2006

Jury photo setup

So this is our photo setup:

500 Watt tungsten bulbs (mmmm, toasty warm) clamped to assorted household lighting, white fabric-draped hanging file folder frame, classic tripod (thanks Grandpa!!), slightly damaged end table that only wobbles a little, gray foam core (yeah, Staples!), my trusty Canon SD200 (would be better if it were more like an SD 400, but hey. . .), and a power strip to plug the clamp lights into (they have no on/off switch).

WARNING: to avoid fire/flame/other assorted disasters, be sure to use ceramic-based clamp lights NOT PLASTIC. Plastic has a tendency to melt. . . . and scorch. . . . and eventually burn. Also, we used 500 watt bulbs in housings rated only to 300 watts. We never said we were geniuses. . . Just be careful that your setup does not overheat.


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