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Monday, September 11, 2006

Friday's Opening

So our opening on Friday went really well. The show technically opened Wednesday, Friday was the official "opening" with all the artists there, munchies, etc.

EP and I arrived to find that we had each sold a piece prior to the "opening" which made us happy. I think we were both secretly scared that A) we would be the only people there for three hours and B) we wouldn't see anything. Okay, maybe EP is calmer than I am, but those were my secret fears.

Some of EP's stuff (and in the mirror, bits of me and EP):

This little framed piece is a study for something I wanted to do but ran out of time to do (and also failed to dye the fabric correctly...this is very pastel and I wanted something more vibrant).

The show was well done, the people doing the hanging really know what they're doing. I didn't take any pictures of the whole show because I felt weird about photographing other people's art. But I made sure to photo all of my stuff. Here's one where you can see that they arranged some of the like colors together.



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