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Sunday, February 11, 2007

CMAA Gallery

I was just out at the gallery this morning, doing my sitting hours. It looks really nice. The shows this year are much larger, with a better range of prices than last summer's/early fall's shows. More things to see, and while there are still some paintings and other art nudging up against 4 figures, there are also plenty of things near the bottom of the price range, in case you just want to go home with a handmade card or a pair of earrings. Come check us out:

  • CMAA gallery

    • Corner of Rt 4 & Depot St, in Canaan NH
    • Wed-Sat 10a-6p
    • Sun 10a-4p
    • Through mid April

  • All Things Creative

    • Main St in Enfield NH, between Twigs and George's
    • Wed-Sun 10a-6p

My computer is basically dead, which explains why this blog and the website have had very little updating in the past few months, but the new one is on order and may have already shipped! So more updates soon (and maybe the website will have something other than our December shows).



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