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Monday, October 16, 2006

Where to spend the (nonexistent) money

I've found an interesting article What Should My Business Buy When. We're in the process of growing, and we have two added factors (above those mentioned in the article):

1. We're in a seasonal business. Most of our sales are done in Nov and Dec for Holiday gifts. We may get a bump before Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day, and we sell a bunch of our lower priced stuff in the summer at the Farmer's Market, but the bulk of our sales are Holiday season.
2. We are able to finance the business personally, without really taking out loans. Our business is small enough that if one of us can loan it a thousand dollars through Christmas, it can make a big difference. A bank would require a longer history, interest payments, and a repayment schedule that might start before our big sales.

Anyway, the article is worth reading if you have (or plan to start) a small business.



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