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Monday, October 16, 2006

Websites and Such

I was in the library today looking for something on marketing, and came across a book called The One Minute Millionaire. It is 377 pages long. I'm a fast reader and even I can't read 377 pages in one minute. Maybe I need to work on turning the pages faster, limber up my arm or something.

As a followup to my post where to spend the (nonexistent) money, here's one on websites. A question many startup businesses ask is "should I have a website". Well, you need to think about why you'd have a website (to sell direct, to advertise another way of buying like phone or craft fairs, to solicit special orders, to be a gallery for retail stores to see your items, etc). Then you need to allocate your (nonexistent) cash to the various things you need to do, and decide if a website is something you can afford. Ours is hosted on the cheap, and that means I spend more time trying to make things work (my kingdom for a database) but right now my time is cheap compared to a full service hosting site. Maybe next year we'll have enough cash and my time will be better spent making more jewelry rather than fiddling with xml files, and we'll upgrade to a better server.

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