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Monday, June 05, 2006

I Love Carnelian!

Okay, so we took a business trip to Gemstar this weekend, and I got a couple of strands of the most fabulous carnelian nuggets. I made this 'bracelet', the only problem is that it is (at least for me) a little too large as a bracelet. I've found that it fits well on my ankle, however. The beads are on 18g sterling silver wire and I made the clasp the end of my last bead wire. The pic is a little blurry and we don't have any decent lighting where I'm photoing (is that a word?).



At 1:33 PM, Blogger EA said...

Wow, nice. I was wondering if those long beads would make it hard to get the sizing right. This is good though, we've been asked for anklets and also for braclets for those with larger wrists.


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