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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

RnT Bead Show

Wow. We went to the Rings n Things traveling bead show yesterday. All I can say is "wow." We spent about four hundred dollars, which seems like a lot, but here's what I brought home (half of the stuff stayed with EP, so imagine more stuff like this). And these are bad low-light pics, sorry.

Corner drilled cubes, about six mm per side, blue goldstone, tiger eye, sodalite, rhodonite, rose quartz, Australian green jasper:

Black silverleaf, cape amethyst, poppy jasper, rose quartz hexagons, blue goldstone faceted diamonds:

Mother of pearl:

Um, this one is upside down, how did I do that? (In my defense it was late). Labradorite (shines like opal or moonstone, oooh...sparkly), sugilite (also sparkly), citrine, ruby zoisite:

More Australian green jasper, tiger eye, and some silver:

And the last few bits (also upside down), tiger eye, citrine, pearls the color of garnet:

It was totally overwhelming, there was soooo much stuff at good prices (plus lots of stuff that was "good prices" but still way out of our league). Far too many people, although the staff was very good at checking people out and the line moved pretty well. The lighting was not the best, RnT had some of their own lights plus the room lighting, but it was still dim in the corners. We piled lots of stuff onto our trays and then sat on the floor and sorted through it all. We did stay relatively close to our list, or at least we justified all our purchases to ourselves!



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