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Monday, June 26, 2006

Shopping update

An update on Saturday's shopping trip...we spent more than we hoped but much much less than we feared. So it's all good.

My haul, apparently I really like hematite. What I really love is the matte hematite (the rounds in the bottom center of the pic). Lots-o-sterling, for putting things together (I ended up with all the headpins as things got split up...not sure how that happened). Some mother of pearl and FWP.

Fans and misc findings, and some 4mm for EP, which we are holding hostage until she backs up the master spreadsheet somewhere safe and then comes to visit us again.

EK has already run off with her share. Her share is probably the largest since she didn't come with EP and I to shop in Mass. (And even though it looks pretty big here, EP's share of this is probably the smallest since she didn't come this time).



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