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Friday, July 14, 2006

WIP Friday

Today's work in progress: A multi-strand necklace in pink. I am both attracted to pink as something I think I should work in, and at the same time unable to work in it. As I was working on it this morning I originally had decided to use mostly rose quartz with a bit of pink FWP and pink opal, and a bit of hematite as a dark accent. As I worked on it, I ended up adding some garnet, lots of silver, more hematite and suddenly I had a dark necklace with a pink accent. So this is round two, I'm just using the garnet as one dark strand and all the rest will be pink! Or so I plan...

And another dyeing result. This is the traditional tie-dye pictured in-progress in a previous post. Originally a boring shirt for our local farmer's market, now it's a hippie statement about local food!


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