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Thursday, June 29, 2006


So yesterday was our first Farmer's Market of the year. It was raining (which it has done since the begining of May with only a couple dry days) and we were offered the chance to back out. About half the vendors decided to brave the rain and the muddy field. We confidently went off to the market with our brand new EZ-UP. Last year we had a tent made up of approximately 1 million little poles about 2 feet long. It took about 20 minutes to set up, which is an eternity if it's raining. So we set up our EZ-UP and start arranging tables under it and then we see drips. Hmmm...maybe we need to treat the seams? Ten minutes later it is obvious that it's not the seams. No water is collecting on the tent, 100% of it is coming through the top. Boy were we unhappy. One call to the EZ-UP warrentee dept later, a new top is on it's way to us, hopefully it will arrive before our next market. So, if you bought an EZ-UP from BJs wholesale club in March or April, you might want to test it with a garden hose before you end up in the rain with it. They seem to have had a bad batch, and didn't ask us to send in the receipt or anything, just asked where and when we bought it, and what address we wanted the new top sent to.

In other news, we added a counter a couple months ago and are now up to 1000 hits. That's 1000 separate page loads, not 1000 visitors, but it's a neat milestone anyway. I just wish we'd put it on in January when we started!


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