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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dyeing Results 2

More things have been ironed (ironing is not my favorite task...)

Some pastels:
The two on the left were in the same dyebath together, but the far left was white on "natural" and the center was white on white. So a nice range of lavender, though the picture makes them look grey.

Another purple and a blue:

Some yellow/orange mixes:
They are much more pastel than I expected. The one on the far left is a strange color. Like a pastel neon, it is very bright and yet pastel. I can't describe it and the photo doesn't pick it up.

This is one of the two big pieces (2yds) that I did on the table:
It was done folded (as you can see). You can also see where the air bubbles between layers make neat little craters.

We've dropped off our stuff at the consignment store that opens August 4th. Those items have been pulled from the website (a couple necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc and some purses, plus the big orange totebag that I never did take a picture of). Very exciting, I can't wait to see it open.


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