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Sunday, July 23, 2006


This has been a productive weekend for me. Up early on Saturday to drop off a big box-o-junk with some people doing a fundraiser yardsale (cleaning out junk is good) then EK and I were off to pick up new junk from other yardsales:

Cordless iron: $2
Blank decal stuff for making cling-ons (one and a half packages worth): 50c
Tailored shirt, fits: $1
Nice cotton/ramie sweater (I'm allergic to wool): $1
Large piece of cotton with morning glory pattern: 25c
Set of metal punches in a neat metal tin: 50c
GFCI outlet I need for the bathroom: $3
Half of a Flex Shaft (split with EK): $5
Huge book on needlecraft and such: $4
Risk: $2
Music CD: $1
Huge bag made of of tarp fabric with zipper (great for storing stuff in the garage or toting around 20 yards of damp pre-washed dyeing fabric): 50c
Three quilting books when a yardsale was closing: free
Two huge round tubs for fabric dyeing/rinsing: 75c each
Two large enamel pots for boiling out wax after batiking: $1 each
Three white high-thread-count pillowcases for dyeing: 10c each
$24.55 (went a little over my $20 budget, but hey, we found a flexshaft for $10, how can you beat that?)

Spent a chunk of the afternoon playing Risk (I won! But to be fair EK had never played before and you learn a lot the first time) and eating brownies. Off to somewhere else to shave a dog, then home again to choose fabrics for a quilted purse, iron them, and cut them out.

Then ironed all the dark yellows for the Modern Quilt (which had been sadly neglected and piled up in a corner and therefore needed ironing again).

Today I got up late but have quilted and assembled the quilted purse and made a cute pin and labels for it. It still needs to be topstiched around the top opening. I also inventoried the rest of the stuff I'd already made for Boston, and dyed a few more things (needed some more pastels).

The quilted purse front, quilted. I cut the back the same size (but all one piece) and somehow after quilting the back was smaller than the front. I quilted the front about three times more heavily than the back, so the front should have been the smaller one. Oh well, I can just trim to fit.

Then before assembly can progress, I had to stop and figure out how to do the tags. I bought blanks online that can be printed with a laser printer, but I had some designing to do. Here's the result:

Not perfect, but I have some good ideas for next time. Here's one installed in the lining of the purse, plus a flower pin I made to go along with the purse:

The purse with handles and pin, (pocket and magnetic clasp inside), all done except the topstitching.

And I got the front section of the lawn mowed. I meant to do the rest, but I went back in for a break and started dyeing, and now it's dark outside.

Next modern quilt update here.


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