Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pearl Project

I started a new project while sitting in the gallery on a wonderful afternoon. Unfortunately it was so nice out we only had a few visitors. Oh well, it gave me time when I had to focus on doing something rather than chatting or going outside. Here is the beginning of what will hopefully be a multistrand pearl necklace. I am very "matchy-uppy" (which is apparently quite a sin in quilting, but not so bad in jewelry) and have real trouble making something balanced without making it symmetrical. It seems to be working out here:
Just a shot of the gallery with the door open to the nice weather. Lots of nice things, come see! (Hours and directions in this post.)

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Something New From EP

Something new from EP in the gallery now. If you're passing through Canaan on Route 4, drop in and check it out.

Unrelated earrings, also by EP...

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Friday, April 13, 2007

All Things Creative

Diane's store All Things Creative now has a website. Stop in and see our stuff. Her current hours are 10-6 Wed-Sunday.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gallery Opening Tomorrow

We have a gallery opening tomorrow at the CMAA gallery in Canaan. The official reception is 6-8pm on Friday, Apr 13th, but the gallery is open normal hours as well (Wed-Sat 10a-6p, Sun 10-4). So come on out and see us!

From I89 take exit 17 to Route 4 East (towards Enfield and Canaan). Continue on Route 4 for a while (about 11 miles). Once you're in Canaan, there is a blinking light by the town library (just before the junction with 118). Turn right onto Depot Street at the light, the gallery is right there on the left. Google can give you directions if this isn't clear.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I have a small amount of PMC (wow, the price of silver these days) and I'm kinda afraid of it, but I know what I want to make now.

A calla lily with a pearl as the center.


Craft Boston

Two of us were at the Craft Boston show over the weekend. Wow, lots of good stuff. We met author and jewelry artist Joanna Gollberg (who had a booth). I would scan a pic of some of her work, but since EP has stolen my book, I can't.

Lots of jewelry. I mean lots. All of it was nice and VERY well done, but still. I was loving the metal and pearl combinations, and by the end was enamoured of the chains too. There was a fair amount of dyed silk and women's tops as well. I like dyeing fabric, but apparently other people do as well.

The rest of the stuff had plenty of variety. This guy had the most amazing furniture. The end tables looked like melted chess boards.

Only one person had any paper items (other than the book publisher). Handmade books are something we'd like to try, and haven't seen too much of. I'm not sure how expensive it was to get into the show though, because a lot of booths had more "art" and less "craft" (judged by prices) and someone selling journals or photo albums might not make enough to cover booth rent.

There were several quilt artists, but most had either traditional style quilts often in miniature, or with a modern slant. There was one with some framed fabric pieces, and one that was fairly abstract.