Friday, July 17, 2009

Annual Meeting (if you can call it that. . . )

Who knew setting goals was so much of a process?? But we did it, finally!! It took a fascinating mix of dogged determination, three brilliant minds, and the tantalizing promise of a reward to drag us through it. There may also have been some amazing snacks from the local food co-op. . .

For myself, I've always found it easier to just create than to actually make some conclusions about where that creativity is or should be taking me. Seeing how our goals had evolved over the past year or two was impressive, but what really made me sit back and ponder how all of us had changed was the way that the discussion took place.

It seemed like we just sat down after a seriously tasty breakfast (food creativity is a skill I envy) and started talking about where we were now - product-wise, time-wise, etc - and suddenly, we were making some fairly definitive statements about what we hope for for E Cubed in the coming years. It's almost as if in our previous discussions, we had forgotten to talk about the "now" and simply jumped into talking about our company ten years from now. It makes sense that you'll have a better idea where you're going if you have at least half a clue as to where you are. Now, since we know where we are and know to give ourselves several avenues to allow for the mutability of the coming years, it's MUCH easier to define (even if it's broadly) where we want to go.

The next day, all 3 of our kayaks went onto the car (3 kayaks, 1 car, no problem) and we indulged in some good old fashioned head-in-the-clouds dreams as we drifted across Grafton Pond in the sun.

All in all, a highly productive and endlessly entertaining weekend!!! This weekend will be a great follow up to our meeting - our first show (come see us in Portsmouth!) with our new goals in mind. Can't wait!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bow St Fair in Portsmouth NH

We'll be at the Bow St Fair in Portsmouth NH this weekend. Come on down and see us, 10-5 Sat and Sun. Bow St will be closed off for the fair, we recommend parking in the garage on Hanover St. Rain or Shine! A suggested $2 donation for entry goes to support the Seacoast Repertory Theater.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Important Meeting

We had a goal setting business meeting last weekend. The others may chime in with what we learned, but I think we got some good relaxation out of it.