Monday, May 29, 2006

What happened to May?

Two weeks on vacation should leave one feeling refreshed. That would be the case if my family didn't think hiking up Mt. Vesuvius was a "morning activity" and we should do something else in the afternoon. Here's Monte Vesuvio looming over Pompei.

Of course as soon as I got back, I was working extra hours (I don't get paid vacation, so in order to make up for the drop in income, I have to work more), dealing with work projects that blew up two days after I left, trying to fix up bits of the house that keep falling off, finish up my entry for the CMAA group show, get to the CMAA meeting, deal with some potential insurance issues with a potential consignment shop, etc, etc. And worst of all...while I was gone someone cleaned my house. What's so bad about that you say? A non-quilter cleaned my house. So everything that appeared to be fabric was neatly stacked up into one pile. I organize by piles. Each project has one or more piles, and if they are disturbed, how do I know what fabric goes with which project? How do I know I'm in the middle of something if it's put away in a closet? So no progress on the Modern Quilt, since I have to re-sort all the yellows, as soon as I find them.

More Pompeii:

CMAA Group Show

The first group show in the brand new gallery for the Cardigan Mountain Art Association is now open. Hours are Wed-Sat 10-6 and Sunday 10-4. Our official opening reception is this Friday June 2nd, 6-10 pm, at the gallery. Free Food! CMAA is up to 65 members now, and there are a large number of people in the group show. The theme is Visions of Cardigan Mountain, and the show ends July 2nd. After this all-in group show, the gallery will start a series of smaller group shows focusing on 4-8 artists, each lasting about a month. November and December will be another group show of items for holiday gifts. Currently we anticipate this schedule continuing for some time (small group shows most of the year, a large themed group show in June, and a holiday show in Nov/Dec). Stay tuned for local classes taught by CMAA members!

Directions to the Gallery in Canaan NH: I-89 to Exit 17, turn right onto Rte 4 towards Enfield/Canaan, continue on Rte 4 approx 11 miles to a blinking light in downtown Canaan. Depot st crosses Rte 4 at the blinking light, turn right and the gallery is the first door on your left. We should have our official sign on the building in time for the opening reception.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bad pictures of good stuff.

No one sells old fashioned shadow boxes anymore...

These deep frames were the best I could do. Two new pairs of earrings from EP, one set of silver trees with hearts, and one set of fabulous maple helicopters in copper.