Sunday, August 19, 2007

At the Gallery Yet Again.

We (the CMAA) need to figure out how to bring more traffic into the gallery. People who stop in always compliment the art, and often buy something small even if they had no plans of making a purchase before they stop. But on an average Sunday we get about two visitors. So it's a pain for me to sit here all day and sell four dollars worth of stuff. If we got twenty visitors, each of which bought a $2 card, I'd be happier about spending the whole day. If one of those twenty bought a necklace or a painting, I'd be even happier.

So how to drive traffic in? There are three kinds of traffic...people walking around Canaan, people driving by on Rt 4, and people who come out here specifically looking for the gallery. It would be nice to increase the last category, since they seem most likely to buy something over $5, but just getting more of the walkers and drivers in would help. Everyone needs the occasional card, and once they know we're here, they should come back to see what else we have and to buy gifts for folks. We also need to get more stuff in that $7-25 range. Currently we have some earrings and a few other jewelry bits, but not much else. That's a key "small gift" category.

Handmade toys would also be nice, since we have very little for kids. Heck, even baby clothes (which aren't really gallery fodder, but would be something for people to purchase for others). Maybe we should reach out to a couple of the LACA folks to drive in more traffic, especially those that live in the Canaan/Enfield area. Maybe I'll bring it up at the next meeting (though that's probably too late to get anyone for Christmas season since the LACA meeting is usually the day before the CMAA meeting. Oh well.

Anyone out there with ideas?

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